Race Day Etiquette

We would like Race Day to go as smooth as possible for all the participants, coaches and parents alike. We know you want what’s best for all our children and we wish the best for all members of the Club Team. That said, there are certain behaviors that will NOT serve either of those desires. As the season progresses we see the need to set some guidelines for parental involvement on race days supported by the club staff.

Much like other youth sporting events there is a need for a buffer between athletes and non participants during competition. We cannot put a fence or a field in between the coaches and athletes and the parents and fans so we need your cooperation with some parental issues.

The role of parents on race day is just that; parent not coach. You have entrusted our coaching staff with the job of coaching your children. They are professionals and work diligently assisting your children in reaching their goals as ski racers. Your children and our coaches need your support by way of your confidence.

On hill involvement of parents should be limited to assisting with shuttling clothes. Do NOT carry clothes while slipping the course. Parents are not welcome on the course unless they are fulfilling a course worker function (ex: joining up with a slipping crew). We do not want to see parents pulling their children and conducting course inspection with them, it is counter to our mission. The coaches and your children are working together in developing a race day routine and strategy that will serve them for many years to come.

Consistency in coaching techniques, language and priorities can only be achieved if the coaches are left to do their job. We need to protect against distractions in the start area and during the race that not only affect your child but other children in the program.

Please know that we understand your desire to be helpful. More importantly you need to understand that the children want to please us all and that the pressure associated with that desire is substantial.


  • Do get your child to the ski area in plenty of time to go up with the coaches for inspection and warm-up prior to the race.
  • Do be supportive to the end result, keeping in mind the difficulty associated with this demanding individual sport. Every great run has an element of luck in it. Some days we have it… some days we do not.
  • Do support all racers during the race and especially in post race ceremonies. Include all team members in photo opportunities, not just the top finishers.
  • Do encourage your children to be humble in victory and graceful in defeat.


  • Do not add to the confusion and stress of race day by trying to coach your child. If you sense your child needs more attention during the race experience bring it to the attention of the coach and let them attend to the child.
  • Do not ski down the race hill while your child is racing. Focusing on the course is tough enough without the added pressure of being followed.

The coaching staff would like to thank you for your cooperation.